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Below you can see the easy way of accessing the free internet in UAE just by downloading and installing MenaVPN.
VPN for iPhone
Using MenaVPN is easy as ABC. You can simply search it on Appstore or click here to download the app for your ios devices.
VPN for Android
Using MenaVPN for Android is easy as well as for iPhone. You can simply click on this link or go to Google Play and search MenaVPN.

So you just arrived in the vibrant and luxurious city of Dubai!

As soon as you get in the DXB Airport main hall you can get a local sim card to access cellular data with a good quality at a reasonable price.There are 2 popular telecommunication companies that you can buy their sim cards from stores in Dubai, Du and Etisalat. however we recommend you to go for Etisalat which is providing you better internet packages. To access the internet, there’s also free wifi in Dubai’s airport and Dubai Mall and most of the commercial centres there. so you can use them as well.

You might want to make a call with your partner or parents as soon as you arrive but you may face a little weird issue which is inability to make voice and video calls via your favourite instant chat like WhatsApp call or Facetime, regardless of the way you got connected to sim cards or wifi. But why is that?

Why WhatsApp call is not working in Dubai

All VoIP apps such as WhatsApp calling , Facetime and Viber is blocked in Dubai and whole UAE based on a command from UAE authorities in 2014 with intention of increasing the national security all internet providers had to block VoIP services and websites with pornography content.

There might be other intentions behind this prohibition such as keeping the income for Etisalat and Du at the current rate by forcing users to make regular phone calls instead of using free calls on VoIP. in relation to pornography content , we can say that it has banned by Islam and as UAE is an Islamic country they are so strict about these rules. There are also some mobile games such as Roblox that are blocked for no specific reasons.

How to unblock WhatsApp calls in Dubai?

You might have already heard about the solution of this problem which is using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) application that is compatible with your device.

There’s also a rumour in Dubai that VPN apps are not working in the UAE at all. This is false because we know at least one VPN app that 100% works without any problem in Dubai and the whole UAE.

Once you have downloaded this VPN on your device(s), as soon as you turn it on you can switch to your WhatsApp and make a call for any location in Dubai and see you’re enabled to make WhatsApp calls again.

Not only you can use WhatsApp again but also you can make calls on any other blocked apps such as Facetime, Viber, Imo, Telegram and unblock any website you couldn’t access without a VPN.


Why VPNs are not working in Dubai

As said, it’s a false rumour. People think VPNs are not working in Dubai because they only check free VPNs and as unblocking UAE’s internet restrictions is costly and complicated they are not working in Dubai as well as in the entire UAE.

There are only a few paid VPN apps that provide a stable and high quality service in Dubai. and as mentioned earlier MenaVPN is the best VPN that works in Dubai.To know more about best VPN apps in UAE you can also check out this blog.

Best VPN for iPhone in Dubai

If you have a and iPhone device you just need to install a good VPN for the iPhone. we recommend you to go through this tutorial to setup a VPN on your iOS device to be able to make Free WhatsApp calling again in Dubai.

You can also read more about the best VPN for iPhone here


Best VPN for Android in Dubai

Are you an Android user? Don’t worry. We also have a solution for you. if you want to know how to run the best VPN on your Android phone in Dubai, regardless of the brand and Android version you can simply go through the steps in this article.

Once you have downloaded the best VPN in Dubai for your Android phone, you can turn it on and make free calls on WhatsApp, Viber or any other banned VoIP app in Dubai.

Keep in mind, as long as MenaVPN is active on your phone you can access all blocked websites as well.

As the best VPN for android in Dubai, MenaVPN is also compatible with any Android tablet and you can install it on tablets as well.

Best VPN for Windows in Dubai

In addition to iOS and Android phones, MenaVPN has provided the best VPN app for windows devices with a simple instruction and great support.

Therefore you don’t need to be worried about blocking contents while you are browsing on your windows device. because it helps you to unblock any restricted websites and windows applications such as Skype.

You can read the guide on how to active the best VPN app for Windows in Dubai in this page.

If you couldn’t figure out how to setup VPN on your Windows device please kindly send us a message in support chat below the page or send us an email to [email protected]

Best VPN for Mac in Dubai

MenaVPN has also provided a very good VPN service for those who use Apple personal computers including MacBook, iMac. Mac pro, Mac Air and MacBook mini.

If you are in Dubai and suffering from internet restrictions on your Safari browsers or any restrictions in your Mac’s apps you can install the Best ever VPN for Mac in Dubai simply by going through the steps in this page.

If you couldn’t figure out how to setup VPN on your Mac device please kindly send us a message in support chat below the page or send us an email to [email protected]

If you face any problem setting up your VPN or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us here.

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