MENA VPN creates a tunnel and encrypts all your incoming and outgoing data, which provides precise evidence that no one can access your private information. MENA VPN provides a layer of anonymity by safeguarding your original IP address. Websites that you visit will only see our servers and IP addresses.

MENA VPN can be accessed from iOS and Android.

MENA VPN can be used on both your mobile phone and your laptop.

MENA VPN is available on App store and Play Store.

We have a money return policy within 7 days if our customers have complaints or are not satisfied with our services.

No, we stand on strict policy not to monitor our clients browsing. So, by choosing us you choose completely safe and anonymous browsing.

No, MENA VPN does not and will never log any traffic data, DNS queries, or anything that can be used to identify you.

We provide 100% online security with the fastest connection. We also provide 24/7 online support for our customers.


MENA VPN may increase your speed because unlike an ISP that throttles certain types of traffic, we never restrict traffic. Any VPN service can slow down your connection, the difference is so minor that you probably won’t notice it. 

Sign up to MENA VPN using your email and use it for free.  If you have any queries after using, you can always contact our support team.

If you purchase Premium subscription for MENA VPN, you can use it on up to 5 devices.

Currently, we are supporting iOS and Android.


 Click on pricing page for more information

You can renew your pin from your user panel. You can change the package or continue with the current package with the relevant amount. We have no hidden cost.

After purchasing a premium pin you will get your username and password through your email id and also you will get a pdf document.

We have so many ways by which you can make payment such as using your Card (Debit/credit/visa) via Website, Android (in-app purchase, card payment), iOS(in-app purchase), Amazon in-app purchase, Huawei in-app purchase, Mobile banking, Internet banking or direct payment into our bank account number.

Please log out from the app then re-login with the same username and password which is sent in your email id. If the issue still persists, provide us a screenshot of your payment transaction message with your email id.

Download the Symlex VPN App from Playstore[ ] or App Store[ ] . Then At the backside of the card, there is a scratch option. After scratching it you will get your username and password. Then put your username and password in the username and password field of the app, then press login. 


You can use Livechat, Facebook messenger, or WhatsApp to communicate with our 24/7 support team.

Yes, we do provide free 24/7 after-sales support for our valued customers.

Please switch the other servers as a premium customer. You have so many options to find a suitable server. If the issue still persists please provide your username we will fix it as early as possible.


When using public Wi-Fi, VPN lets you access the internet through an encrypted tunnel instead of connecting straight through public Wi-Fi. So yes, it protects your banking data from hijacking, hacking, and identity theft.

Usually, a VPN won’t drain battery than any other app you have on your device—the signal on your device matters regarding battery consumption.

Using a weak signal will consume more power on your device than running off of a strong 3/4/5G signal. Thus, it’s down to your signal provider rather than the apps themselves.

Google frequently uses your data to track your online presence and traffic behavior. However, as VPN is used as a shield to protect your identity online, it’s hard for Google to recognize your online whereabouts. This is why VPN users experience many CAPCHAs whenever they try to search anything on Google through a VPN. So, Google sometimes blocks the VPN only when it sees suspicious server requests from one particular IP.

To enable in-app purchases, go to Google Play store settings, find out ‘Require Authentication’ for purchases. Then enter your Google password when prompted. For details step visit here.

Yes, you can. If you want to know the process follow this in-app purchase guideline in detail.

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