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How to buy a VPN in UAE?

Below you can see the easy way of accessing the free internet in UAE just by downloading and installing MenaVPN.
VPN for iPhone
Using MenaVPN is easy as ABC. You can simply search it on Appstore or click here to download the app for your ios devices.
VPN for Android
Using MenaVPN for Android is easy as well as for iPhone. You can simply click on this link or go to Google Play and search MenaVPN.

When it comes to buying products , especially when it is online you have to be double cautions.

You need to check your connection to the internet and check whether it is secure or not. you should be aware of the security of the website you’re trying to make a payment on.

But the question is when it comes to buying a VPN , where and how to buy the most trustable VPN apps.

There are some general tips that you should consider when you are trying to make an online purchase.

General tips to consider when buying online in UAE

  • Check out your connection via your browser address bar, you should see HTTPS in there.

  • Never make a payment on a website with a HTTP in the address bar.

  • When you make sure about your connection with the website then make sure about the business you aim to purchase something.

  • They must clearly mention their contact support and business address on their website.

  • To know more about their reputation you can search their name on Google and go through the past reviews.

  • If the service you aim for payment is an app , you’d better read all the comments and reviews that their past users wrote for them.

Once you check the general tips, then you should check the payment method that you should consider when purchasing a service or product online.

Pay with credit/ debit card on website

There are many payment portal providers such as stripe and mollie that help legit businesses collect their online payments. So if you see that there’s a payment service like Stripe on a website then you can make sure this is a good place to make your payment. There is a very simple way to recognize if adding your credit card data on a website is ok or not.

  1. make sure once you click or tap on the purchase button it redirects to the below address with a secure connection so it should start with https:// or the lock icon same as the link below. make sure you can see in the domain.(address bar)

    address bar menavpn
  2. On the page that you need to fill your credit cards details make sure there is a link and logo of stripe on it.



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We just learnt the best tips to make a secure online payment. and we should know that it doesn’t matter that the company we are purchasing is in UAE or not. No matter where the company is based in, you should always check the above points.

In-app purchase for buying apps including VPNs in UAE

To do this you need to first add money via direct payment to your store wallet or add your credit or debit card in your iPhone or android device. then as long as you have money in your bank account you can get apps.

Although this is the most secure way of payment for buying apps in UAE, you should be aware that most of the apps specially VPNs ask for confirming a subscription before using the app. and Once you do that it might deduct money from your account right away or within a maximum of 7 days.

Pay for app subscription with sim card

No credit card or bank account? you can simply up your apple pay balance with your sim cards like Du, Etisalat or Vodafone in UAE.

To make purchase with your iPhone you can follow below instruction:

  1. Open settings

  2. Tap on your apple ID

  3. Choose payment and shipping

  4. Add payment method

  5. Choose Mobile Phone

  6. Tap the Submit

Now you can pay with your sim card. if you still wonder how to pay sim card to buy an app in UAE you can check this short video here.

How to buy a VPN that works in UAE?

Considering the above tips about online purchasing. You have many options to pay after you find a trustworthy VPN service.

So in short you just need to do the below checklist to pay for a good VPN service then buy it with your preferred payment method.

  1. Almost 90% of VPN apps don’t work properly in UAE. specially if you want to use this VPN for WhatsApp calling in UAE. so you’d better look for VPN that provide you free trial. here you can find the best VPN in UAE.

  2. When you find a VPN app that provide you a free trial before purchase you should make sure that it won’t ask for adding your credit card details before testing the app. otherwise they might not work properly in UAE and they’ll charge you. here you can find VPN that actually works in UAE without asking for payment details after install.

  3. Before making a purchase for any VPN app first check out the reviews on Appstore or Google play store, if you here form us never pay for a VPN service with a rating less than 3.5 stars. Second, read the comments of the past users who installed it before. don’t forget to read comments of those who left 4 and 5 stars along with those who left 1 or 2 stars.

  4. Check out the VPN companies page on social media like YouTube, and see how often they update their contents and if there is enough educational material to show their users how to work with the VPN apps or not.

  5. If you want to purchase the VPN app on a website, first Check out their contact details on the website, whether they have a valid physical address or not. also check if they have a support system or not. you should be able to chat or send a ticket or email to the support team of that VPN company. if none of these methods are available then forget to buy the VPN from that firm.

Do I get fined If I purchase a VPN in UAE?

Lately there are a lot of discussions about this subject. We have checked with many legal firms in UAE but couldn’t get a clear answer yet. Based on our research and based on what we could understand from the UAE’ law about using a VPN, you will get a fine if you use a VPN app for committing a crime or hiding your IP address for doing some unethical online behavior.

Please consider that we are not legal experts and you shouldn’t take this as legal advice.

If you are using a VPN you are using it at your own risk. to know more about VPN fine in UAE you can read this blog post.

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menavpn rating
  • Unlike many other VPN apps that ask for purchase before providing a free trial MenaVPN provides a 7-days free trial without asking for your credit card.

  • Once you download MenaVPN app for iOS or Android you don’t need to add any email so you won’t share any personal details of yourself with us and if you use apple in-app purchase as your payment method. you’ll be 100% anonymous to MenaVPN.

  • MenaVPN has many different ways of support so you can simply send us an email using [email protected] or leave a message on WhatsApp , or send us a message in our in-app support.

  • MenaVPN is based in the Netherlands and registered as MenaVPN Holding BV. This means the company is 100% aligned with the EU users’ privacy protection law. and we don’t store or collect any of our users’ activities. So while MenaVPN is turned on , you can explore the web with the maximum privacy level just the same as users in the European Union.

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    We would be so happy to help you.

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